We offer a full range of exceptional pearl jewelry repair services. Our team is experienced at high-end jewelry stores, well-known jewelry designer's offices, galleries, and costume jewelry stores. 

GENERAL REPAIRS: Pearl setting, drilling, restringing, clasp replacement, wirework, and general pearl jewelry repairs available.

RESTRINGING: We restring pearls and any type of beads with silk cord, nylon cord, or wire, plus French wire on your choice. A choker with knotting starts from $70, without knotting $40.


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5. WAIT for about a week. Your work is done! We will take good care of your items from here. You'll see your items again in your mailbox or pick them up in person.

*The basic shipping cost is free for both ways. The insurance cost on the shipping is on you. 

Usually, it is $1 per $100 worth of items. 

ex) If your item is $200 worth, your insurance cost is $2 each way. So you'll pay $4 for both ways.

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