Classy Japanese Akoya Pearls

Beautiful Custom Pearl jewelry for you & your loved ones

Pearl Lounge introduce you to a world of beautiful Pearls. We travel to Japan to handpick only the finest quality pearls from the hundred of thousands produce every year.  

When you shop classy pearls at Pearl Lounge;


You'll see the beautiful selection of strands, loose pearls, clasps, and settings as raw material. We'll quickly make them into necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings of your favored style. 

Our pearl specialist will speak to you and assist your search with expertise on styles.

Zoom meeting available. Contact us now

Perfect for your memorable celebration such as birthday, anniversary, weddings, graduation, or simply for her beauty and well-being.

Free delivery to San Francisco and East bay available.

Other parts of SF Bay area for delivery may cost $5 and up.

Japanese Akoya Pearl ring

14kyg Akoya ring. Variety of pearls available to switch.

Japanese Akoya Pearl

Japanse Akoya Pearl station bracelets on 14K gold chain. $380.- to $420.-

Blue Akoya

Japanese Blue Akoya Pearl strand necklace on 14KWG clasp.

Strand 9mm.

Japanese Akoya Pearl strand necklace with 18KWG matching Pearl clasp.

Classy Japanese AKoya Pearl necklace

on gold clasp. Imported directly from Japan's Finest Pearl farm. No middle man price available.

A set

Necklace, bracelet and earrings on gold clasp. Imported directly from Japan's Finest Pearl farms. No middle man set prices available.

Japanese Akoya 3 Pearl earrings

on 14KYG chain and earwire. Pearls-4.5mm. $290.-

Japanese Akoya Pearl Diamond

dangling earring, 14KWG. Pearls-6.5mm. $450.-

Japanese Akoya tri pearl dangling

on 14KWG earrings. Pearls-4.5mm. $190.-

Japanese Akoya tri pearl dangling

on 14KYG earrings. $190.-

Japanese Akoya Pearl dangling

earrings on 14KWG. $190.-

Japanese Akoya 3 stack stud earrings

on 14KWG. $290.-

Stack earrings

Japanese Akoya 4 stack earrings on 14KWG. Pearls-8mm. $850.-

Japanese Akoya Pearl earrings

on 14K Rose Gold lever backs. Pearls - 9.5mm. $730.- Smaller size availale


Pearl Lounge is a high fashion retail jewelry store, based in San Francisco. We specialize in pearls and making one-of-a-kind pieces is our signature trademark as well as introducing beautiful strands of Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, South Sea pearls, and Freshwater pearls. We are focused on providing high-quality items and service. Please visit Pearl Lounge for all your jewelry needs and wants in San Francisco. We will do our best to help you.


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