Perfect little gifts for your friends and yourself! Multi bead bracelets on memory wire/elastic.


A. Pearl, Rose quartz, Blue sand stone, Rose hematite

B. Mother of pearl, Jade, Garnet, Rose crystal

C. Purple and metal glass, Garnet, Hematite

D. Jade, Rose quartz, Citrine


E. Jade, Rose quartz, Rose hematite

F. Green glass, Garnet, Citrine, Rose hematite

G. Onyx, White agate, Opal

H. Amethyst, Jade, Coral, Garnet, Onyx, Rose Hematite on elastic


I. Pearl, Peridot, Jade on elastic

J. Pearl, Rose hematite, Rose quartz, Rose quartz, Pink aventuline

K. Pearl, Rose hematite, Rose quartz, Rose quartz

L. Pearl, Peridot, Smoky quartz, Hematite, Prehnite


Multi Semi-Precious stone, Glass bead Bracelets. No.2



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