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This is a fabulous multi color Baroque Tahitian Pearl necklace with excellent luster with 14K White Gold Diamond clasp.   


Pearls -  Cultured  Genuine Tahitian Pearls and White South Sea Pearls graduated  11 mm x 12.8 mm in  diameter, excellent luster, and Baroque shape.


Clasp - 14K White Gold Diamond clasp, almond shape. 


Matching earrings available - Stud earring, 11 x 11.5 mm in diameter on 14K White Gold posts & nuts. SRP $960.


Pearl Lounge is known for specializing in pearls and superb workmanship. The pearls are cafefully strung on silk thread  of the matching color and knotted between each pearl. The necklace includes an appraisal by our Pearl Specialist.


We'd love you to visit Pearl Lounge in San Francisco to view this exact necklace in person. In-store only deals may be available.  

OCEAN DROP - South Sea & Tahitian Pearl necklace

$8,500.00 Regular Price
$5,950.00Sale Price
  • Pearl Lounge Signature item! This is a gorgeous South Sea & Tahitian pearl necklace with the color gradation, named, OCEAN DROP.

    It starts with deep blue in the center.  Then goes with bright green tint, slight pink overtone comes in toward the back, blue started fading out to grey with stronger pink. Finally Platinum white color of South Sea Pearl shows up, and then closes with a clasp, filled with Diamonds. 

    Being in the business for over 15 years, I sometimes run into powerful individual pearls that grab my heart.  They have depth, strong emotion, high class, and what's more important is compassion. It has a strong natural force like the OCEAN. This strand made out of the collection of them.

    Color graduated pearl necklaces are very rare.  When I finished laying them together,  it became an incredible art piece. 

    The irregular shape is called 'Baroque shape'. It's interesting, organic, and shows what nature could create. I must say Tahitian pearls are the symbol of French Polynesia, South Pacific. You can imagine the beautiful scenery where there are a blue ocean and blue sky with palm trees that everyone dreams of, in these pearls. 

    I'd love to assist you with further questions you may have. Please send a quick text message to 415-691-9802. Thank you!     ---Yuko

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