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Repairs & Appraisals

We offer a full range of exceptional jewelry repair services. Our team is experienced at high-end jewelry stores, well-known jewelry designer's offices, galleries, and costume jewelry stores. 


General Repairs: Broken chains, ring resizing, stone setting, clasp replacement, wirework, and other types of general jewelry repair are available. 

Restringing: We specialize in stringing pearls and any type of beads. We use silk cord, nylon cord, or wire, plus French wire of your choice. A choker with silk cords and knotting starts from $70.

Macrame: available with silk cord.

Appraisals: Specialized in pearl jewelry only. Paperwork with a picture is $100/ item and $130/ set. A verbal appraisal is $15/ item. 

*Repairs and appraisal drop-off/pick-up are available during our Walk-in hours and Open Showroom days. Please check the 'STORE &CONTACT' page. 

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