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2022. 11  Reopened the showroom in San Francisco by Union Square.

2022.   4  All remote offices closed.

2021.   2  Online-only site started by partnering with a manufacturer in the U.S.
  2  Remote offices opened in Alameda, San Rafael, San Mateo, and San Jose, CA.
2021.   1  Closed down San Francisco Union Square store 

2020   Started an online shop.
   Connected with Pearl farms in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and started importing raw materials directly.
2014   Connected with Pearl farms in Japan and started importing raw materials directly.
2012   Moved to the heart of San Francisco by Union Square.
2011   Opened the shop downtown in San Francisco and named it, Pearl Lounge.
2009   Pearl Studio opened in Rockridge, Oakland.

Owner, Yuko Daigen began her jewelry career as a salesperson in Japan, over the course of years she learned basic jewelry essentials. She then moved to San Francisco and studied the visual arts extensively. These experiences inspired her to travel to Spain and France to gain a deeper understanding of the art. Upon returning to San Francisco, she returned to the jewelry industry this time in management. Taking advantage of her background, she traveled to Japan to study the quality, sources, and trends of Japanese pearls. In 2009 she started her line from her Rockridge studio in Oakland. Two years later in 2011, she opened up her current shop, "Pearl Lounge" just one block from Union Square in the heart of San Francisco. In 2016 She began traveling frequently to Tahiti to establish connections with the many pearl farms scattered throughout the archipelago. Today to create her wearable art, she handpicks only the finest quality pearls from the hundred of thousands produced every year from Japan and Tahiti.

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