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We offer a full range of exceptional jewelry repair services. Our team is experienced at high-end jewelry stores, well-known jewelry designer's offices, galleries, and costume jewelry stores. 

Restringing: We specialize in stringing pearls and any type of beads. We use silk cord, nylon cord, or wire, plus French wire of your choice. A choker with silk cords and knotting starts from $70.

General Repairs: Broken chains, stone setting, clasp replacement, wirework, Macrame, and other types of general jewelry repairs are available. 


Curious to know how much your pearls are worth at market price?

Paperwork with a picture is $110/ item and $130/ set.

A verbal appraisal is $20/ item.

Custom Work

18 strand necklace

One of dear long-term customers brought us this raw material, 20 strands of tiny pearls. We added large ones to create this dynamic necklace.


18 strand necklace - Front_edited_edited.jpg

Completed - Front

Multi strand necklace - Back_edited.jpg

Completed - Back


One pearl strand necklace can be made into many different styles. This customer brought in her old necklace. We redesigned and created this gorgeous pair of 3 strand dangling earrings, 3 pairs of tassel earrings, and a station necklace.

CASH 2019-9-4 Neely, Maya.jpg








Pearl stringing is an art form that demands skill, attention, and practice. Pearls are natural materials that vary in size and shape and have different sizes of holes drilled in them. The thread size, color, and number of cords needed depend on these factors.

The owner, Yuko is a professional pearl jewelry designer and a stringer who has been in the business for 20 years. She has created and strung thousands of necklaces and bracelets with pearls and various types of beads, such as precious stones, gold, synthetic, etc.

Before she begins her work, she examines the items meticulously and envisions how they will look and fit on the wearer's body. She uses only high-quality silk thread and follows the Japanese traditional method. Her meditative work style reflects her consistent and superb craftsmanship that brings new life and luster to the pearls.

Yuko is a jewelry master at a pearl boutique in San Francisco who works wonders with pearls. Her expertise shows in her fine work. She will be happy to meet you with your projects in our showroom.

Contact us today. Chat, email, call, or text with pictures of your items. Let us know what projects you have in your mind. 

Phone and text: 415-691-9802


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