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Perfect little gifts for your friends and yourself! Multi bead bracelets on memory wire/elastic.


A. Black onyx, White agate

B. Lapis lazuli, Rose hematite, Pink crystal

C. Pink aventuline, Garnet, Rose hematite

D. Jade, Curved jade, Rose hematite


E. Red and metal glass, Citrin, Garnet, Rose hematite

F. Pearl, Pink aventuline, Pink crystal, Rose hematite

G. Green jade, Rose hematite, Citrin, Carnelian

H. Green jade, Purple quartz, Rose hematite


I. Purple and metal glass, Garnet, Hematite

J. Pearl, Coral, Rose hematite

K. Purple and metal glass, Garnet, Purple quartz, Curved jade, Rose hematite

L. Purple and metal glass, Coral, Green pearl, Rose hematite, Garnet


Multi Semi-Precious stone, Glass bead Bracelets. No. 1

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